Alexis June Weddings 2016 Travel Dates

 Marte + Eirik, Bryggen, Bergen, NorwayMarte + Eirik, Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

While we’re based in NYC, we have the honor of traveling all over the world photographing couples in love. Below are the dates for our 2016 schedule. If you don’t see your hometown on the list and want us to visit, simply email at to get the conversation started! We would LOVE to capture your story!! ♥

Bergen, Norway  //  February 21-28, 2016

Berlin, Germany  //  February 28 to March 8, 2016

New York City  //  April 8, 2016

Atlanta, GA  //  April 18-22, 2016

Long Island City, NY  //  April 30, 2016

New Hope, PA  //  May 7, 2016

Cashiers, NC  //  May 15-21, 2016

New York City  //  June 22-25, 2016

Tampa, FL  //  June 4-6, 2016

New York City  //  June 13-16, 2016

Long Beach Island, NJ  //  June 17, 2016

Marietta, GA  //  June 19-26, 2016

New Haven, CT  //  July 30, 2016

Chautauqua, NY  //  September 3, 2016

Alexis June Weddings ♥ Based in NYC + Photographing Couples in Love. Available for Travel Worldwide.

ALBUMS: The wedding is over, images are delivered and now what?

The wedding is over, images are delivered and now what? Do you leave those beautiful images in your online gallery or do you print them? Of course you print them! And one way to do that is with an album. Albums are a good option and these beauties from RedTree are the absolute perfect keepsake. Romantic. Timeless. Authentic. Full of Heart.

NYC Wedding Photographer Wedding Albums.jpg

From Kaitlin, click here to see more of their Long Beach Island Wedding:
“Photography is an investment, one that we are all faced with when we are planning our wedding.  An investment to capture our memories that will last a lifetime, our memories that will be passed down to our children and grandchildren.  A photograph can spark so many stories and history that we don’t ever question whether we should be hiring a photographer for our wedding, but rather which one and why?  We’re faced with so many pricing options and album options and digital versus film options and editing inclusions or additions that we are somewhat sidetracked and forget the purpose of it all.  You are capturing the moments of an entire day that you spent with your family and friends that marks the start of your life as a married couple. ”

NYC Wedding Photographer Wedding Albums.jpg
NYC Wedding Photographer Wedding Albums.jpg
“Each guest has a story and each part of the day has a story.  You are hiring a photographer to capture that story and what do you do once it’s captured?  You have to tell it!  And you should be telling it with a book, not just any book, but a book that will last the lifetime that your marriage will.  A book makes your story tangible and one that you can literally pass down to your children and grandchildren.”
NYC Wedding Photographer Wedding Albums.jpg
Alexis June Weddings | Wedding Albums.jpg
Alexis June Weddings | Wedding Albums.jpg
Alexis June Weddings | Wedding Albums.jpg
Alexis June Weddings | Wedding Albums.jpg
Alexis June Weddings | Wedding Albums.jpg
Long Beach Island Wedding Album.jpg
Long Beach Island Wedding Album.jpg
Long Beach Island Wedding Album.jpg
Long Beach Island Wedding Album.jpg
Long Beach Island Wedding Album.jpg
Long Beach Island Wedding Album.jpg
Alexis June Weddings ♥ Based in NYC + Photographing Couples in Love. Available for Travel Worldwide.

Join me in Nashville for Inspired 2015 Presented by Amber Housley.

EEEeekkkkkkk I’m so honored and excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at Inspired 2015!!! I have the opportunity to talk about something that is really close to my heart – Passion, Beliefs and Ignoring the Naysayers. Here’s a little snippet:

“I want you to know it’s okay to follow your heart and stick to your beliefs. I want you to stop judging yourself and know that it’s okay to be scared. I want you to know that success looks different for every person. I want you to be confident in your decisions and ignore the naysayers. I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.”Alexis June Weddings You Are Enough.jpg

Join me for this session and we’ll touch on each of those points plus talk about investing in your dreams, setting goals and pursing your passions. If you are a heart driven designer, maker, shop owner, blogger, photographer and artist you do not want to miss the goodness going on at beautiful Evins Mill!


I would LOVE to see you there!!!

TRAVEL: Vermont or Bust | Alexis June Weddings | NYC + Destination Wedding Photographer

I’m on the road again – this time to Vermont to photograph Emily and Brendan’s wedding. It’s going to be a beautiful backyard affair set in the Northeast Kingdom, next to a brook and full of love. If you want to see the gorgeousness, I’ll be posting a few sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram. You’re not going to want to miss this one! And because you can’t have a post without a picture – here’s a look (post coming soon) into our travels to Maine a couple of weeks ago. Happy Friday loves – let’s make it a good one!

TRAVEL: Vermont or Bust | Alexis June Weddings | NYC + Destination Wedding Photographer

FEATURED: Throwback Thursday | Love Inc’s Holiday Card | Alexis June Weddings | NYC + Destination Wedding Photographer

Loves this Throwback Thursday is a good one! I had the honor of photographing Love Inc.’s 2013 Holiday Card and it was filled with lots of gorgeous florals, stunning linens and delicious food! It’s seriously to die for and I can not get enough of the red and gold! Enjoy!!

From Brittny, editor-in-chief, Love Inc.
“For Love Inc.’s first holiday card, we wanted to create an inspiration shoot that was the epitome of the holidays: a cozy, festive gathering of friends and family. With plenty of wine.

Ashley of Dulce Dreams Events and I teamed up with Karma Flowers to turn the space into a holiday party wonderland, from a hot cocoa station to a decorated bar and Christmas ornaments abound while Brandi of Alexis June Weddings perfectly captured it from behind her lens. We invited the Love Inc. family—the Love List—over to be a part of it, allowing us to introduce these talented vendors to our readers. Watch the official holiday card video here, shot by NST Pictures.”

red and gold wedding inspiration shoot2014-07-31_0002.jpg©Alexis June Weddings, 2014
red and gold wedding inspiration shoot©Alexis June Weddings, 2014
red and gold wedding inspiration shoot2014-07-31_0008.jpg
2014-07-31_0011.jpg©Alexis June Weddings, 2014
Photography: Brandi Schaffran-Webb of Alexis June Weddings // Videography: NST Pictures
Design/Production: Dulce Dreams Events  // Floral Design: Karma Flowers
Catering: Denton & Co. // Desserts: Ovenly // Linens: Nuage Designs // Menus: Bliss and Bone

PERSONAL: Pep Talk Tuesday | Santa Barbara, CA | Alexis June Weddings | NYC + Destination Wedding Photographer

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to a few AMAZING places this year. Santa Barbara being one of them and I can’t help thinking about the moment I took this image and how I was feeling. But, not about how the sand felt between my toes or the fresh ocean breeze blowing in my face, but how I REALLY felt.

Santa Barbara Beach Wedding

I moved to NYC not even two years ago and it has been one wild and crazy ride. I still have those ‘OMG I LIVE IN NEW YORK FREAKING CITY’ moments. Yes, STILL. I don’t know if those will ever stop or end, but I do know that although things get to be overwhelming or discouraging – I am in charge of my own destiny. I am the only one responsible for my life and loves I am far from perfect. Sometimes it’s not pretty, but it is what it is. You live and learn and move forward.

Okay now I’m rambling…

I was talking to one of friends about staying inspired and working on more personal projects. I’ve recently started to shoot film again which I’m incredibly passionate about. There’s just something about connecting with the person in front of the camera without the added distraction. I’ll post on that later, but the point of Pep Talk Tuesday is to share a little inspiration. A little something, something I stumbled upon today that I just HAD TO SHARE!

If you know or have seen my posts on Instagram or Facebook you know I’m a quote lover. During the day when I’m at home editing I listen to random things on YouTube – I came across this one from Lara Jade. She’s amazing, right? Here a few points from her talk, all very true, all great things to remember and something we can not forget, not even for one day.


It’s not even four minutes long – go, listen, watch and be INSPIRED.

MARRIED: Kaitlin + Bryan | Long Beach Island Wedding, New Jersey

I’m sitting here editing the final images for Kaitlin + Bryan’s Long Beach Island Wedding and can’t get over all of the details. Kaitlin thought of absolutely everything and their wedding day was perfection! We did their amazing first look at Barnegat Lighthouse, which made for some fantastic, one of a kind, images from that moment.

Kaitlin looked absolutely stunning in her Amsale wedding dress. She added a starfish hair clip to her hair to complete her look and tie into their wedding theme. Since they were having a Long Beach Island Wedding, their theme consisted of various oceanic decor, which included a beautiful bouquet with splashes of little starfish, which was absolutely adorable.

Let’s not forget about Bryan. He looked as handsome as could be. I loved his light blue striped bow tie.

Here are a few sneak peeks from their special day – from her dress to the bouquets and even the cake – she seriously thought of everything and you don’t want to miss it! Enjoy!


Her dress was fabulous!
light house wedding photos

Their first look at the lighthouse was so sweet and memorable.

They had such a fun wedding party. It was great being able to spend the day with all of these amazing people.

Fist pump. “We’re married!!!” Love it!
long beach island wedding
long beach island wedding
long beach island wedding

These two are just so adorable I can’t stand it.
long beach island wedding

Long Beach Island Wedding Photographer: Alexis June Weddings

ENGAGEMENT: Matt + Liz | Snowy Central Park Engagement Session, NYC

I had so much fun shooting Matt + Liz’s engagement session – it was two hours of non-stop laughing, snow ball fights and hiking around Central Park. They are so in love, so relaxed and it was a perfect day to just be outside and enjoy the park. Liz’s laugh is infectious and I can still hear it through these images. Matt is a gentle giant and the way he looks at Liz is beautiful.

Today is their wedding day. It’s a small intimate affair in the Hudson Valley filled with lots of personal touches and I couldn’t be more excited to capture their love story!

Snowy Central Park Engagement
Snowy Central Park Engagement
It was the perfect snowy Central Park engagement session!! Seriously loves!! :)Snowy Central Park Engagement

Who doesn’t love a good snow ball fight? It was perfect!
Snowy Central Park Engagement
Snowy Central Park Engagement
This girl!! Her laugh, her smile. Ahhhhh I love my job!
And Matt – he’s looking at Liz in the image on the right. Do you see how he’s looking at her? Swooning!

COUPLE’S SESSION: Eric + Jessica | Fall Session in Central Park

This was the perfect fall session in Central Park. I seriously can’t get over the colors! :) I first met Jessica, the editor of The Budget Savvy Bride, at a Martha Stewart event in March 2012 – she’s was living in Nashville and I was living in Salt Lake City. Little did we know that by the end of that year we’d both be living in New York City. Thank you Jessica and Eric for letting me capture your love story!

2014-03-27_0008.jpgFall in Central Park were INSANE! Man I love this city!2014-03-27_0009.jpgFall Engagement Session in Central Park2014-03-27_0012.jpg2014-03-27_0010.jpgFall Engagement Session in Central ParkIsn’t she beautiful! Love these images – the light and fall colors were perfect in the park that day.Jessica from Budget Savvy BrideFall Engagement Session in Central ParkEric even got in on the headshot fun! See Eric – it is fun to have your picture taken! :)2014-03-27_0015.jpgFall Engagement Session in Central Park2014-03-27_0021.jpgHow cute are these two? I just want to take Knox and Zooey home with me!2014-03-27_0020.jpgFall Engagement Session in Central ParkAnd, how adorable are Jessica and Eric? What a great day! I seriously have the best job in the world!!Fall Session in Central Park2014-03-27_0019.jpg2014-03-27_0023.jpg

PERSONAL: Finding Cold Spring | Published in Hearth Magazine

I believe everyone has a story and it should be told. I haven’t shared this on my blog yet because the experience was so personal and I just couldn’t put it into words. Here is the article I wrote along with a few images that were published in Hearth Magazine, Volume 1:

PERSONAL: Finding Cold Spring | Published in Hearth Magazine

“I fell in love with Cold Spring, New York the moment I drove into this small quaint town on the Hudson River. The tree-lined main street is sprinkled with red and white flags and contains the most amazing antique shops I’ve ever seen. They have anything and everything you could ever think you want and more. It would take days to go through the trinkets and treasures, but the best part of this town is not what you’ll find but the people that you’ll meet.

It was a beautiful April day and the morning started off like any other Saturday road trip. I thought I’d start at the bottom of main street and work my way up to see what I could find, after all you have to pace yourself, right?

I was walking by one of the shops and I saw this man out straightening the artwork he had displayed in front of his store and something told me ‘you need to go in and talk to him’. Little did I know, I was about to hear a beautiful story of a man who loved his wife and the antiques she collected.

Paul De Rienzo is one of those people that you hope you meet in life. He’s a great storyteller with a gentle spirit and has an infectious smile. I could have listened to him for hours.”

Nelsonville Antiques
PERSONAL: Finding Cold Spring | Published in Hearth Magazine
“… He has been the owner of Nelsonville Antiques for more than 20 years.

He told me of how he married his wife Gizella in 1955 and moved to Yonkers, NY, of how they had three children in two years and about his travels around the world as a nuclear engineer. As he pointed to everything from jewelry to furniture and the artwork on the wall, he told the story.

‘She was the collector,’ Paul said. ‘This is all her, Gizella was a lover of pretty things, of unique pieces that told a story.’
PERSONAL: Finding Cold Spring | Published in Hearth Magazine
“She would often accompany him on trips. On a trip to Egypt, instead of going back to the hotel after a long day of work, he went to find his wife at one of the shops. He knew should would be there; she always was. He found her with a pieces of silver laid out across the counter talking prices with the shop owner.

‘She was asking the owner, can you do any better? That is a sign of a good collector,’ Paul said…”
Nelsonville Antiques
“They eventually opened Nelsonville Antiques, their very own shop where Gizella would sell her treasures. This was just one of the memories he shared about his wife that day, Gizella passed away in 2009, but he still continues to drive to Cold Spring to work in the shop that they built together and to share the pieces she collected.

He does this for her, his love.

What started off as a typical Saturday day trip ended up being anything but ordinary. You never know whom you will meet and the stories you’ll hear when you let yourself.”
Nelsonville Antiques
When I think of Paul and his love story I can’t help buy well up with tears. Even to this day, almost a year later, I’m still moved. You never know who you’re going to meet. You never know how it can change someone. Life is about living and loving.

Paul De Rienzo is the owner of Nelsonville Antiques and has been a part of the community since 1990 when he and his wife Gizella opened the store. Nelsonville Antiques is located at 81 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516.