Join me in Nashville for Inspired 2015 Presented by Amber Housley.

EEEeekkkkkkk I’m so honored and excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at Inspired 2015!!! I have the opportunity to talk about something that is really close to my heart – Passion, Beliefs and Ignoring the Naysayers. Here’s a little snippet:

“I want you to know it’s okay to follow your heart and stick to your beliefs. I want you to stop judging yourself and know that it’s okay to be scared. I want you to know that success looks different for every person. I want you to be confident in your decisions and ignore the naysayers. I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.”Alexis June Weddings You Are Enough.jpg

Join me for this session and we’ll touch on each of those points plus talk about investing in your dreams, setting goals and pursing your passions. If you are a heart driven designer, maker, shop owner, blogger, photographer and artist you do not want to miss the goodness going on at beautiful Evins Mill!


I would LOVE to see you there!!!

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