ENGAGEMENT: Matt + Liz | Snowy Central Park Engagement Session, NYC

I had so much fun shooting Matt + Liz’s engagement session – it was two hours of non-stop laughing, snow ball fights and hiking around Central Park. They are so in love, so relaxed and it was a perfect day to just be outside and enjoy the park. Liz’s laugh is infectious and I can still hear it through these images. Matt is a gentle giant and the way he looks at Liz is beautiful.

Today is their wedding day. It’s a small intimate affair in the Hudson Valley filled with lots of personal touches and I couldn’t be more excited to capture their love story!

Snowy Central Park Engagement
Snowy Central Park Engagement
It was the perfect snowy Central Park engagement session!! Seriously loves!! :)Snowy Central Park Engagement

Who doesn’t love a good snow ball fight? It was perfect!
Snowy Central Park Engagement
Snowy Central Park Engagement
This girl!! Her laugh, her smile. Ahhhhh I love my job!
And Matt – he’s looking at Liz in the image on the right. Do you see how he’s looking at her? Swooning!

Stephanie + Ryan Surprise Proposal / Museum of Art and Design – Columbus Circle / New York City + Destination Wedding Photographer

I had the absolute honor of capturing Ryan propose to Stephanie. The surprised look on her face, the laughter, the tears and this moment when she got down on one knee with Ryan. It was straight out of a fairytale – emotional, beautiful and full of joy. And I love, love, loved it all.

How He Asked {you can see more here}: Stephanie and Ryan had been away the week of July 4th and during their trip, Stephanie complained how they didn’t do enough cultural activities in NYC and that she wanted to start going to more museums. Ryan knew this was the perfect opportunity to mention a Jewelry Exhibit he knew was going on at the Museum of Art and Design on Columbus Circle. Being that Stephanie is in the Jewelry Industry, he knew she would agree to go. Ryan told Stephanie that there were two exhibits he wanted her to see. He explained how his friends raved about the second exhibit, “the Touch Exhibit,” where you are blindfolded and you touch sculptures then lift your mask to reveal what you were feeling. When she exited the elevator, walking slowly holding his hand she kept insisting “what is going on” as there was no tour guide and she could tell she was in an empty room. Stephanie removed her mask and Ryan was down on one knee surrounded by red and white roses, champagne and his own work of art for her. It was a collage he had a family friend of Stephanie’s commissioned to make including all places they had traveled to and experienced in their two years together. It said “Will You Be My Traveling Partner?”

Congratulations Ryan + Stephanie and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this moment in your lives.

Stephanie and Ryan’s proposal was featured on ‘How He Asked’ and you can see move of it here

Shiree + Kelly – Engagements

Shiree + Kelly met on a blind date and nine months later they got engaged at the LDS Conference Center. They are the cutest couple and we laughed for three hours straight.

They wanted pictures that were out of the box and so happy to do so! We started at Memory Grove in the rain, but were lucky enough to get 15 dry minutes. After that, it starting snowing and hard. We moved indoors at Temple Square to avoid the blizzard, but decided at the end to go for it and get some great pictures in the snow. Who says you can have all of the seasons in one day?

Shiree + Kelly were up to try anything and we might have moved a piano to get the perfect light, just maybe.

I had a blast shooting their engagements! I can’t wait to take Shiree’s bridals {the dress will remain a surprise until their wedding day – so no peeking Kelly} and second shoot their wedding in April. Thank you so much Shiree + Kelly for letting me be apart of your day!

To see more of Shiree + Kelly’s Engagement session check out the AJC Facebook page.

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Image a day – laughter.

Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. They meant so much to me and brought a smile to my face – I’m still on cloud nine!
Today was my first engagement session for the 2012 Wedding Season. Shiree + Kelly are such a fun couple and they can’t get enough of each other. The shoot started off with rain, then it cleared up for about 15 minutes and then onto a blizzard. It was like shooting all seasons in one day. Crazy! Going through and editing the photos tonight definitely solidified that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.
I wanted to post this image because you can hear their laughter just looking at the photo and it pretty much represents what we did all afternoon – please enjoy.

Next up, shooting Shiree’s bridals and creating their wedding invitations. This is a beautiful life. : )

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